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Chair Models for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Wooden Chair
Our wooden chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They have the...

KS 370 Chair
Ergonomic chair made of Iroko wood. Has the ability to be cut. The seat and b...

IS 360 Chair
Produced from irroko and sun-resistant Iroko wood. It has foldability. The ri...

KS 390 Chair
Produced from Iroko wood. You can use it both indoor and outdoor.

IS 380 Chair
The ergonomic folding chair is made of Iroko wood. It has foldability. It can...

KS 320 Chair
arm wooden chair Folding feature takes up little space when not in use. The o...

IS 330 Chair
Foldable and sleeveless wooden chair.

KS 350 Chair
It was produced from the Iroko tree suitable for outdoor use.

IS 340 Chair
It is produced from Iroko wood. The exterior is designed for use.

EKS 510 Chair
Wooden Chair

ELS 420 Chair
Wooden Chair

EKS 43 Chair
Wooden Chair

ELS 430 Chair
Wooden Chair

AS 300 chair
Stepped wooden chair

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